You Gotta Have Shoes to Walk to the Library

I have plans to do more writing about books and other academic things, but first, shoes.

Recently, I purchased a beautiful, flowery pair of Keds from their Rifle & Paper Co. collaboration. I love them so much. They are bright and cheerful when my wardrobe generally consists of mostly black and grey, with blue on the side. Lots of safe solids. I’m trying for a little more color in my closet though and these shoes are definitely colorful.

The Keds were purchased after tons of online window shopping and waffling. When they began to run out of sizes, I finally jumped. These aren’t the only pair of shoes I’ve had my eye on lately though. I present you with…

Shoes Susan Would Buy If She Had More Expendable Income

For me, green means go. I mean, that’s pretty universal, but I like to wear green when my intention is to be particularly productive and these customized Chucks would perfectly fit the bill.

Birkenstock is known for the classic hippie sandals that suddenly came back into style a few years ago, but they make other shoes too. Pictured above is the Montana and I want these rustic comfy looking things. It doesn’t hurt that Montana is my home state, but I’d like them no matter what they were called.

I should start running again and I’m convinced that these gorgeous, all-the-blue-colors Bare Access Flex Knit trail running shoes from Merrell would be really motivating. *sigh* They’re just so pretty…

I never got Docs in the 90s, but now the 90s are back! These 8065 Mary Janes have a chunky, but not too chunky 90s aesthetic that I could wear with all my skirts. Seriously. I need these.

But look what else I found from Dr. Martens! Floral boots! These are AMAZING! A person could wear them with almost anything–just look at all those colors!

There you have it. Five pairs of shoes that I need… I mean “want”. If only I didn’t have to feed my children.

For your information, I wear a size 9.5. Just in case you were curious for some reason.

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