Unrequired Reading

I signed up for a class this coming fall, got overly excited, ran to the library, and checked out a stack of books. Will they remain unread and collecting dust on the table by my bed? NO, I say! No! I will read them! (This time.) I will take notes! (Like I always mean to.) I will become my inner academic! YES!

My plan is to read these three in July. I’ll start with the easy one, but there’s still a really good chance that I’ll flip the calendar page in 25 days and I will not have read one book, ANY book, let alone these three.

It’s a struggle. I have the same problem with running. Good intentions, poor self discipline.

First up is Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: The Rise of the Graphic Novel by Stephen Weiner. It’s only 72 pages with lots of pictures and looks to be a good introduction to the genre. Oh, and it’s written by a comics historian who is also the director of a library. I love librarians.

Second on my list is Making Comics by Scott McCloud. I’ve read his Understanding Comics and it’s required for my class this fall, but I thought it might be nice to get a more nuts and bolts approach to comics. Plus, this is a good one to have lying around  with a comic creating nine-year-old in the house.

The last book is Comics as History, Comics as Literature edited by Annessa Ann Babic. This one was chosen because it’s a really good idea for me to start reading things I can use in a paper now since my time to research and write is pretty constrained during the school year what with my job and three children. I can use any kind of boost I can get and starting early will definitely help me get actual sleep later. I mean, the sleep alone should be more than enough to motivate me to read now.


Well, not actually now. I have to go to sleep now.

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