Today I had a two-year-old who wasn’t feeling great. We had some fun, but her nap was shorter than usual and she spent a lot of time just wanting me to hold her and/or carry her around. She was also emotionally volatile. I mean, all two-year-olds are, but she was a little more volatile than normal. She inexplicably didn’t want me to buy any bananas or crackers and let me and the whole store know it.

Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that it’s hard having kids, but today was just a little harder. It can take a lot out of you and at the end of the day I really needed to disconnect from my role as a mom. Here’s where the problem is though: I fell back on Netflix and my phone instead of doing something that made me feel centered, whole, and human.

Here it is, the last ten minutes of today and I just spent a full three hours zoned out and passive. It is important to me that I actively engage with my family and it should be equally important to me to actively engage with myself. I need to work on that and I think that to disconnect from the stress of being a parent, I need to disconnect from the Internet. No offense, Kimmy Schmidt.

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