I Feel…

I feel afloat in a sea of mediocre. I want to read something smart, but after searching and searching I can’t find anything quite right. I wish I’d cleaned some more instead of sitting on the couch. I could have used some of the time I was looking for articles on the library’s website to read a novel or use a face mask, but I didn’t. I have so many fun books to read and the two-year-old strongly opposes face masks on her mother, so I have a limited window of time in which to apply masks without being tearfully admonished for doing so.

I have CSA veggies to devise uses for and a menu plan to make. I need to sleep more. If I got up earlier, I could go running. No one ever becomes a successful artist or entrepreneur or whatever without practicing a little everyday. I think I could do so many things if I just did them.

I am enough. I’ve done plenty today. I can read something smart tomorrow. I can clean some more tomorrow. I can go to bed and sleep well tonight. I have accomplished so much and my life only keeps getting better. 

I. Am. Enough.

A little affirmation goes a long way.

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