Reading Challenges 2017

shakespeareI’m a sucker for a challenge and one of my favorite kinds is a reading challenge. I don’t usually succeed… okay, I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded, but I love them anyway.

I’ve been feeling guilty and not buying anything when I go to the bookstore and feeling a little guilty when I visit the library too, so I thought a good TBR (To Be Read) Challenge was in order. I found a fun one hosted by It’s pretty low-key, but fosters a bit of interaction and accountability. Plus, there’s monthly themes and it will give me a reason to use this blog I set up and then immediately abandoned.cbam2017

Another challenge that caught my attention is Roof Beam Reader’s 2017 Classic Book-a-Month Club. I found Roof Beam Reader four or five years ago because he used to host a TBR Pile Challenge that was my introduction to reading challenges. He’s a pretty awesome reader and fun to follow, so I’m happy to have this opportunity to connect with him. The Classic Book-a-Month Club is also pretty low-key–Roof Beam Reader invites you to read along with him monthly or just drop in when you can. I have a feeling I’ll be a once or twice drop-in this year, but there were a couple of titles on there that I’d like to read and discuss.

I’ve also set myself a couple of personal reading goals for this year. I want to read plenty of plays, more poetry and I want to read aloud a book or two to my kids.

Then there’s the academic reading. This spring I’m taking an English grad class again, hopefully with a little more success this time. About eight years ago I took a couple of grad classes, but I was a new mom and I don’t think I’d quite gotten into my academic groove then either. I had trouble finding focus in my classes even though they were fun and my professors were fabulous. I kept getting distracted by sociological questions and, after some time off, I went back to school for a degree in sociology. I think I’m far better prepared this time around and I’m looking forward to the challenging academic reading in store for my this coming semester.

That academic reading might put a damper on my other reading goals though. I have an almost full time job, another very part-time job, and three kids. Plus, I don’t hate tv and I kinda like sleeping. My reading dreams are lofty and I’m nothing if not a dreamer.

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