Rare Form

Early on in my work day my officemate turned to me, laughed a bit, and said, “You’re in rare form today!”


My “rare form” stemmed from having seen the first minutes of the first of December in, not by choice, but because the toddler couldn’t sleep. Never mind that mommy had been awake since 4:22 a.m. and never mind that she and the rest of the family had to get up the next morning and shuffle off to work and school like any other week day. Nope–the girl was awake and wanted to read books. In the dark. After midnight.

Further examination of the phrase “rare form” revealed that it meant I was on the edge, the very brink, of losing my cool… probably in a spectacularly crazy way. 

Accurate. Lack of sleep will make you cuckoo, man.

I was tempted a few times too, but I remained fairly calm. It was a productive work day with lots of little details taken care of. In fact, I set myself up for an extraordinarily productive Friday and comforted my yawning self with the thought of going to bed early.

I was ready to get Thursday all wrapped up and move on to Friday before the hour hand hit 5 p.m., but life as a working parent can be so dang predictable sometimes.

My good Friday dreams and wishes for work were all dashed when I picked up my little girl from daycare. Two kids had been sent home with fever and mine had just registered a little high. They were checking her again as I got there and her temperature was rising. Friday will be a sick day, not an extraordinarily productive work day as I’d foreseen.

I can still get to bed early. I hope to get a pretty good night of sleep and be in rare form tomorrow–rare cuddly, comforting, puzzle doing, board book reading, snack making, toddler health monitoring form. That doesn’t sound so bad. I hope she feels better tomorrow and there’s always Monday for work. 

As long as she loses her fever and neither of the two other kids catch it. Fingers crossed. I told the eight-year-old not to lick his sister just in case. 

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