Independence Day, 2016

No camping, no floating, no fishing, no picnics here. It’s just been a mundane Monday for the most part, but we had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and we’ll make some s’mores and watch the fireworks from our patio later. Hopefully the baby will sleep though most of it.

I feel pretty good about this mundane Monday though. We got the grocery shopping done, I washed the boy’s bedding, and I prepped some cherry almond overnight oats and pesto couscous so I don’t go hungry at work this week. My big kid finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone today and he’s going to be at a Harry Potter themed camp this week, so we’re celebrating the 4th by watching the movie. Maybe not quite as American as Independence Day, but we’re certainly enjoying it.

I just may get some muffins baking before the fireworks begin too.

Really though, what better way to celebrate Independence Day than by enjoying a good day?  

The baby had a good day too.


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