Well, Hello There, 2016!

My New Year’s has been pretty low-key. I didn’t toast in the new year, I slept much of the morning away, neglected to wear my Fitbit or do any kind of exercise, and writing this blog post is the first semi-productive thing I’ve done all day. Although, really, it’s debatable how productive this blog writing thing is.

I have resolutions for this new year, but this morning I mostly resolved to somehow ease the nearly unbearable sinus pain and pressure… hence my low-key transition into 2016.

My goals for the new year are, roughly, to read more (shouldn’t be hard since I’m not having a baby this year), write more, save more money (of course), get healthier (of course), and my old standbys: one new recipe each month and one family trip to our local indie bookstore each month (my favorite). I’ve also resolved to drink more. My sister says I make this resolution every year, but I’m certain I’ve only done it once… and then I got pregnant, so that went out the window.

These resolutions sound pretty wishy-washy, light on detail, and easy to abandon, but I assure you, I’m taking measures to make them into realities this year. For instance, blogging is an easy way to get some writing done and I’ve put together a fresh site for that in 2016. I’m also keeping track of how much time I spend writing. I used an app on my phone to “clock in” for this–treating it like work makes it just a little harder to skip.

This is not to say that I’ll be perfectly successful this year. Probably not going to happen. But I’ll get closer to a few goals at the very least and I’ll tell you all about it here.